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It's All About the Questions

Jan 13, 2016

I first met my guest when we were picking each others brains about some mutual business opportunities. What I quickly realized are the valuable lessons he learned growing his business, taking it global and thinking about others at the same time. I knew he had to be on the show to share with you those lessons and tell us about some really brilliant products he developed as a result of being aware of opportunities right in front of him.

Sean Patrick is the President and Founder of kikstick over 13 years of marketing, management and business start up experience and his strengths lie in developing a strong profit increase through offline marketing, website promotion, search engine optimization, social media marketing and sales. Getting his start in 2002 it is his belief that the key to building long term business relationships is in providing result oriented services that bring a positive ROI for clients while providing and increase in their health and safety.  His website is