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It's All About the Questions

Mar 30, 2016

My guest today had her life changed in an instant and could no longer work or pretty much even take care of herself. Six months into a new marriage she had to stop working and try to get her health back after a diagnosis of M.E. and Fibromyalgia left her virtually bedridden. Fast forward several years. Healing unfolds with a move from the U.K. to Turkey and all that an ancient way of living in a land filled with mystery and simplicity can only do.

The lessons learned include: setting boundaries, embracing quiet, eating for healing, writing life and letting go. Join me as I interview Miriam McGuirk about her journey, how we can all have our own healing and her wonderful book, Shattered Dreams & Scorpions at Midnight

Miriam McGuirk's career in the restaurant, hospitality, and health and fitness service industry ended abruptly with the diagnosis of M.E eighteen years ago. Miriam took the chance to build a new life spending up to 5 months of the year in the South West mountains of Turkey. In this healing, peaceful environment, she found her niche – becoming an author. She is living her dream of writing with a lot of heart and passion now in partnership and with great support by mPowr Publishing, Miriam is looking forward to embracing the journey that lies ahead with two more books to follow in this series.