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It's All About the Questions

Apr 27, 2016

It doesn't matter what others think of you what matters is what you think about yourself. True or False? Patricia Noll, author of Good With Me says it is true and she has been helping people for over 30 years stop their Comparanoia and achieve real happiness. 

We discuss the two types of esteem, and I am not referring to low and high esteem here, and how how they manifest in business and what you can do to thrive. Patricia reveals the surprising source of impostor syndrome and how you can reduce or remove it from your thinking.

One of my favorites is our conversation about why it is important to take care of yourself first and how it makes the team stronger. Something I struggle with every day caring for my mom while building a business.

Patricia Noll specializes in teaching people to experience long-lasting real happiness from the inside out by teaching them how to feel good about themselves for real just because… and to define their value by who they are instead of what they have done or not done and what they have or don’t have. 

Here’s what Deepak Chopra has to say about Patricia’s substance abuse treatment program: “Focus One offers practical and sensible guidelines for those who seek freedom from all types of addictions.”

Celebrate Good With Me Day on May 13th.