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It's All About the Questions

Jun 7, 2016

Why does stress seem to affect us all differently? Is there stress that is good or does it all end up being bad? Is it possible to defeat the catch-22 of stress that keeps us going in an endless cycle of stress as we stress over how to stop being so stressed? 

Can we eliminate stress and be STRESS FREE?

My guests on this episode are stress experts and they share with me immediate actions you can take to reduce stress in the moment and what it takes to maintain it. Caution part way in. Dr. Bob leads, for the first-time on radio and podcast, an exercise he created to reduce stress and shift the body's response to stress so DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST REPLAY WHEN DRIVING OR OPERATING EQUIPMENT OR DOING ANYTHING THAT COULD CAUSE YOU HARM IF YOU BECOME RELAXED WHILE LISTENING!

Stress burnout is a real thing. I have it and it is not fun. Listen and learn some techniques to heal and prevent stress from taking over your life and your physical health. 

Dr. Bob Wright, The Stress Relief Doctor and Success Coach Christine Wright, M. A., CSL coach stressed out individuals who want to avoid stress burnout while simultaneously improving their performance and healthy well-being. They are co-hosts of the popular StressFreeNow podcast series. Through their informational website,, Christine Wright and her husband, Dr. Robert Wright, Jr., offer innovative strategies, products, services, and solutions which helps you dissolve your chronic pain, heal your grief, reduce your anxiety, and relieve your stress.