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It's All About the Questions

Apr 28, 2017

Did I shock you with the title of this episode? I meant to. Most of us have been so focused on getting our SEO to rank us at the top of the search engines. But why? Is it really what drives the RIGHT traffic to our products? Is there a better way? Are Google and Facebook the only games in town when it comes to advertising?

My guest, Tom Antion, is a master at paid traffic. He has used himself and his businesses as guinea pigs to find the right way to succeed with paid traffic. Learn tools, tips and techniques that work and what doesn't work and why.

Listen carefully as Tom explains how spending more with Google and Facebook while starting out will work against you.


Tom Antion is an Internet MultiMillionaire. He's been selling on the commercial Internet since the commercial Internet started around 1994. Tom is the founder of the only, licensed, dedicated Internet marketing school in the country and the Great Internet Marketing Retreat Center where people come in from all over the world to study with Tom in the lap of luxury.