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It's All About the Questions

Feb 9, 2017

An innocently sent email to a client with wire transfer numbers from your business email account. Not a account. Think you are safe? No. In this episode you will hear a story of how someone found out there email account was part of the yahoo account and almost lost a significant sum of money. If it was not for the client asking why he gave them a routing number for a bank in Spain the business owner could have lost even more.

I am a geek. Love being a geek. What I don't love is how much time has to be spent protecting ourselves and clients from those with malicious intent. It is an uphill battle but using some common sense rules can make you much safer.

Larry Baum, Founder of The Computing Center 38 years ago, and I talk cybersecurity, email, the future of online safety and what you can do right now to protect yourself and your business. Oh and he flew in just to be in the studio with me!

Larry Baum founded the original organization that became The Computing Center in 1978. Today, with Mary Stazi now in charge of day-to-day company operation, Larry spends much of his time looking at the overall strategic directions of the company. These days, he is very interested in how technology can be better integrated and leveraged into companies and organizations to make them more efficient and ultimately better managed.

Larry grew up in Ithaca. He is married to Trudy and has two sons, Brian and Ari. Larry has served on numerous boards of local organizations including:

- Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce (Board Chairman 2002)
- Legacy Foundation (Board Chairman 2002-04)
- Tompkins County Air Services Board
- Tompkins County Industrial Development Agency
- Tompkins-Cortland Community College (TC3) Foundation Board (Chair 2010-11)
- Legacy Foundation Board Member (Chair 2002-2005
- Cayuga Medical Center Foundation Board Member (current Chair)