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It's All About the Questions

Mar 1, 2017

Direct marketing changed the world decades ago and my guest was mentored by some of the world's greatest. Now we tend to think, "internet marketing" but what is marketing anyway? No matter how you define it unless you get that 1-1 conversation or sale as a result can it really be called effective?

My guest today started out as an engineering student in college and then took a class on marketing which changed the trajectory of his life. Now the Founder and CEO of Compliancy Group he shares many of the lessons he learned at the knee of some of the greatest direct marketing minds on today's show.

What is a value proposition? How do you decide who you are targeting? Have you defined who you are NOT targeting? Is there fate in business? What are the questions you need to be asking to get that 1-1 meeting with a client to close them?

Using his company, Compliancy Group, Marc peels back the curtain and shares how they figured out their target market, value proposition and how you can get that potential client to respond.

Marc Haskelson is the President and CEO of Compliancy Group. He has over 25 years of sales, marketing, and operational leadership experience, and has held executive positions at Hearst Publications, Experian, and AT&T. He is an innovator who develops new products and solutions to address the challenges of the small and midsize market. Marc sits on the CompTIA Business Applications Advisory Council and is a Visionary Level Contributor to the American Optometric Association Political Action Committee.

Marc focuses his knowledge of compliance, technology, security, customer care, and payment processing on improving market inefficiencies. He co-founded Compliancy Group in 2005 with HIPAA subject matter expert, Bob Grant, and top software developer, Roland Cozzolino. Together, they use their expertise in direct marketing, compliance, and technology to bring Compliance-as-a-Service to the health care IT industry.