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It's All About the Questions

May 5, 2021

There were some audio issues for two minutes. I apologize.

My mom always told me don't borrow worry from tomorrow. I've not been really great about letting go worry. Do I obsessively worry? No. But many do. Any many others get into worry cycles.

Rene Brent has written a powerful Book, Breaking Your Worry Agreement. On this episode Rene shares strategies and tactics she has developed over the course of her career to help her clients break their personal worry agreements and live a life filled with increased joy and connection to those around you.

We also answer questions around, Is worry ever helpful? Can you worry too little? and what happens in your body when you worry about worrying.

Rene has been a RN for 30 years and has worked in ICU, Trauma/ER and the Recovery Room. In her experience, she was inspired by the powerful mind/body connection and how self-awareness and reframing negative thoughts helps us heal emotionally and physically.

It was a natural transition for Rene Brent to go from being a healer of the body to a healer of the mind. She is passionate about helping her clients use the power of the mind and move forward in their lives and reach personal and professional goals.

Rene Brent’s solo practice is located in Maitland, Florida. She is certified as a Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist. 

Rene Brent is an International speaker and a #1 International Best Selling Author of  “How Big Is Your BUT?”. On March 16th, 2021 Rene released her latest book “Breaking the Worry Agreement” and has already reached International Best Seller status on Amazon.

Rene Brent is a registered member of The American Council of Hypnotherapist (ACHE) and the International Association of Interpersonal Hypnotherapist (IAIH)