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It's All About the Questions

Mar 21, 2021

Digital wellbeing has taken on an all new meaning in the past year. With covid shifting business, school and social gatherings to virtual settings more time has been spent in front of a screen than ever before. Streaming platforms saw unprecedented increases in subscriptions and depression and dissatisfaction rose astronomically.

My guest, Heidi Forbes Oste has been talking about digital wellbeing and how to excel while being a human on this planet and global nomad for a long time. As a behavioral scientist, geek, global traveler and parent, she has lived what we discuss on this episode and guided numerous corporations and individuals to finding the balance between the digital world and the real one.

Technology has become a lifeline for many and a curse for others as technology use takes a toll on their emotional and physical beings. Join us as we discuss all that and more.

Dr. Heidi Forbes Öste is a behavioral scientist, best-selling author of Digital Self Mastery series and executive producer of the Evolving Digital Self and Global Nomad Hacks podcasts. She combines 25 yrs experience in social strategy consulting with her scholarly research in the human relationship with technology and her personal passion for wellbeing and global citizenship. She holds several advisory roles as an expert on strategic integration of Digital Wellbeing and Ethics to support the transition into the digital era without losing humanity in the process. Through her leadership as Managing Partner at 2BalanceU and board roles she has been recognized for her global outreach mentoring and professional development for women entrepreneurs and start-ups.  

Her mantra: "Knowledge is Power, Sharing is Powerful™ She is a Global Nomad at heart and mind. American by birth, Swedish by marriage, mum to two kids in launching phase, "based" in Jackson Hole (Wyoming), Gosnold (Cape Cod), Malmö (Sweden) and outside Bezier (Southern France).    @forbesoste