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It's All About the Questions

Jun 22, 2015

What if you ask what you think are the right questions and nothing changes? What if you have facial surgery before you have to speak in front of a large room? How do you turn a perceived negative into a positive?

This episode is a conversation about how to be authenticate in the face of adversity and walk about feeling like you made a difference to yourself and others, how to understand when you are asking the right questions of the wrong people and how to find the right people to ask.

Laura Steward is the host of It's All About the Questions and the founder of Wisdom Learned, LLC a consulting company focused on helping business and indviduals grow and prosper using wisdom learned in the trenches to get off autopilot, take control of their business and life and navigate to their defintion of success.

Ms. Steward founded and eventually sold a multi-state technology services company that she started when women were not running tech companies. She considers herself a geek and is also the author of the Nautilus award winning and international bestselling book, What Would a Wise Woman Do? Questions to Ask Along the Way.

When not on the air or helping clients, Laura is a full-time caregiver to her awesome mom and can often be found driving her convertible or hanging on the beach. Reach out to her at