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It's All About the Questions

Dec 5, 2020

Monkey, iron, rope, house, paper, shoe, worm, envelope, pencil, river, rock, tree, cheese, dollar

A list that makes no sense but a list I still remember that Chester Santos, the International Man of Memory, challenged me with to show how anyone, instantly, can learn to remember things and keep remembering them. I did this show live on November 24 and still remember them, because of the tips he taught me on the show, on December 4th.

How does one become a world famous memory master and coach? And how can you improve your memory?

Take a listen and try the techniques he shares on the show. If you want more, he makes an incredible offer at the end of the show.

Chester Santos – “The International Man of Memory” has left an impression on all corners of the earth. With his unique ability to not only demonstrate extraordinary feats of the mind, but also educate others to do the same, this U.S. Memory Champion is widely regarded to be the world’s leading memory skills expert. Through his entertaining & educational television and movie appearances, professional seminars, and best-selling books, Chester has helped millions of people around the world to realize the benefits of an improved memory and sharper mind.

His keynote speaking credits include TEDx with some of the nation’s most highly regarded professors and scientists, the prestigious Talks at Google program featuring “the world’s most influential thinkers, creators, makers and doers”, and the International Festival of Brilliant Minds in Puebla that had him speaking to an audience of 5000 people along with Nobel Prize winners, Pulitzer Prize winners, and other luminaries.

Chester Santos is also the personal memory and mind coach to some notable celebrities, politicians, professional athletes, and high-powered executives.