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It's All About the Questions

Mar 31, 2022

Clinton Gatewood is my guest on this epsiode and it is an overdue interview. Clint has lived his life helping others grow their businesses as well as having founded and sold his own company. He has dedicated his life to serving others and helping them see how they can achieve their business goals.

I know Clint from my tech days onward and every role he has ever held in any company he  has worked for, or with, has seen the benefit of having him around. 

On this epsiode Clint shares what he learned growing a business from the ground up for himself and others, how he learned to "own the part of the business you are in as if it is your own" and what can happen if you question yourself too much.

Clint shares a lot more from his many decades working for someone, working for himself and helping clients grow. Take a listen and then share on your social tagging #ItsAllAboutTheQuestions or @TheLauraSteward what your takeaway is.

Clinton Gatewood started his channel career with Zenith Infotech building a team which successfully grew the Zenith partner base from zero to over 12,000 MSPs in six years. He co-founded a channel focused backup and disaster recovery software company which was purchased in 2014. Clinton is now helping other channel professionals apply data driven solutions to optimize the time from partner discovery t0 first sale to predictable/sustainable channel revenue stream. 

Clinton is a veteran having served as an Army Ranger and with the 82 Airborne. He has been married for 35 years with 2 children and is very happy they look like their mother.