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It's All About the Questions

Jun 5, 2019

Dan R Morris is a fiend at making money from blogging and online offers. He and Rachel Morris regularly get 1 million reach, without advertising, on Facebook and other online platforms. And better yet, those reaches translate into dollars and clients. Can you say that about your online presence? I know I cannot.

Dan R. Morris is the founder of blogging concentrated and the BC Stack. During this episode he opens up his bag of knowledge and shares how you can begin converting your prospects and followers from Likes to business even if you have a small following.

Dan R Morris says his company exists because we need it to, you and I. We need learning entertainment that motivates, excites, encourages  . . . but also has a return on investment. Solid ideas you can implement in your life to make it better. 

With our limited time we need to be surrounded by people who can move us forward in a way that makes tomorrow easier. And we wanted to create events that produce a return for the audience, not just good memories.

We spend everyday working talking with business owners about improving their income and business models. Each and every one of those experiences gives us new insight into best practices. 

For the shows, I also tap into my experience building Walgreens pharmacies, developing TV and radio infomercials and even working for Warren Buffet. 

I love, love, love using practical examples to help make things concrete. My goal is to help motivated people and business owners perfect the little things that make a big difference.