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It's All About the Questions

Nov 25, 2017

What do you think is the biggest obstacle to cybersecurity success? Convenience. We love our convenience. The ability to do what we went, when we want, whatever way we want. Hackers love our love of convenience.

Convenience breeds laziness. Cached passwords, the same password everywhere, simple passwords, lack of...

Nov 25, 2017

Ever feel like your life is filled with clutter? Real physical clutter and other kinds? Even for just a moment? I know I have. When I first started my first business I was feeling overwhelmed by everything that needed to get done and it just seemed like there had to be a better way other than working 100 hours a week...

Nov 25, 2017

Is the only path to a successful business startup via venture capital? Is there another way? How do you know what "rules" to follow and what rules to modify or not follow?

Does the playbook you are using really work for your company? How do you know? What questions do you need to be asking to determine the answer?


Nov 20, 2017

How does someone move from a high-powered life on Wall Street to a life in the suburbs focused on helping others find their passion?

During this episode we talk about the questions she asked to shift her life from the world of finance to becoming the mother of twin boys and balancing a new life as a healer, strategist...