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It's All About the Questions

May 26, 2021

Kim Meninger is on a mission. A mission to stop imposter syndrome from stopping women from achieving their dreams. Having lived it herself she knows the constant battle of your own mind to tell you you can't possibly be good enough to do something. Her mission is so important to her she even created a podcast...

May 10, 2021

When all your competitors are merging or being bought outright, what do you do? Do you stay independent or do you look to do the same as them? When they all lock into one business focus, do you do the same or do you carve your own path?

Jason Bystrak and Peter DiMarco, Vice Presidents at D&H Distributing (104 year old...

May 5, 2021

There were some audio issues for two minutes. I apologize.

My mom always told me don't borrow worry from tomorrow. I've not been really great about letting go worry. Do I obsessively worry? No. But many do. Any many others get into worry cycles.

Rene Brent has written a powerful Book, Breaking Your Worry Agreement. On...