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It's All About the Questions

Feb 23, 2016

What if literally you held the future in the palm of your hands. According to my guest you do and it is a science to understand what your hands were made to tell you.This is not palmistry. This is like having a Meyers Briggs personality profile but you cannot scam it.

Forty years of research led to the development of Scientific Hand Analysis and my guest is an expert in unlocking the secrets you were born with right in the palm of your hand and your fingers!

Listen as Jayne Sanders shares some insights on what those lines on your palm are telling you. Make sure you are not driving because you will want to look at your hands as she is talking! 

About Jayne Sanders: After an MBA and over 25 years in the corporate world, Jayne Sanders began a search for more meaningful, joyful work by helping people in deeper ways. She found Scientific Hand Analysis, and her life hasn't been the same since!

It went from great to fabulous, and she now wakes up every day inspired about her life and work. Jayne's passion is to help others feel the same way!

Successful, progressive-thinking business owners and leaders who feel stuck, unfulfilled, or like something is missing, hire Jayne to guide them into the inspired purpose, passion, and deep fulfillment they crave in life and work.

How powerful is Scientific Hand Analysis? FORBES wrote an article about Jayne and her work, it is so accurate, profound, and life-changing.