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It's All About the Questions

Mar 31, 2022

Clinton Gatewood is my guest on this epsiode and it is an overdue interview. Clint has lived his life helping others grow their businesses as well as having founded and sold his own company. He has dedicated his life to serving others and helping them see how they can achieve their business goals.

I know Clint from my...

Mar 8, 2022

John David Mann and Ana Gabriel Mann joined me to discuss their seminal work, The Go-Giver Marriage A Little Story About The 5 Secrets to Lasting Love. This is not your average book about relationships and marriage. Nor is this interview.

Take a listen as I ask John and Ana about the foundation for the book, how their...

Mar 7, 2022

How does a woman nowhere close to retirement age create a company that is all about helping people ready to retire? Well Hannah Thomson will tell you all you have to do is know her granny. Inspiration is all around us. How we act on that separates the successful from the less successful. Hannah Thomson has learned...