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It's All About the Questions

Aug 27, 2015

How do you stay focused on a goal or dream during the hard times? For that matter how do you stay focused in the good times? According to my guest, Kris Mathis, "life is going to test you and ask you how bad do you want this?" Sometimes you have to find a way out of no way.

Are you living in fear of excelling? Have you...

Aug 19, 2015

What happens when a Rabbi, a Reverend and a Swami walk into a radio station? That was a question I wanted answered so I invited them to my show for a conversation about faith, the journey they each took to reach their faith landing place and the questions they asked along the way and still ask.

I have explored many...

Aug 12, 2015

Are you ready to be energized no matter what time zone you travel to or from? Are you tired of feeling like you need a vacation from your vacation and not in the good way?

What if you could travel with health and vitality and return home to the same?

My guest on today's show is the author of the bestselling book, The...

Aug 4, 2015

Do the words social media make you cringe? Or are you a regular user who wants to expand their reach more effectively? Whatever your level of experience or inexperience with social media you can begin making an impact by following a few key strategies to help you select your platform, target your audience and determine...