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It's All About the Questions

Dec 25, 2020

My Christmas week show is, at the end of the day, about love. I was honored to have Bonnie Violet and Tina Frank say yes when I asked them to be on my show. Their story is a powerful one about how love is more powerful than any barrier if you choose to allow it into your heart first.

Take a listen as Bonnie Violet and her aunt share how they came back together after almost 30 years apart because of labels and how they had defined each other based on outside factors. This is a heartfelt and, for me, eye opening conversation about labels, faith, love. perception and perspectives.

Tina Frank, a conservative Christian woman and Bonnie Violet, a transgender queer drag queen have an anti-cancel culture conversation on their podcast, Splintered Grace. While many family members are choosing to no longer speak after a revelation like Bonnie Violet shared, they have chosen to sit at the table and engage in difficult conversation to find peace and restoration.